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The Importance of Doe Management

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Every hunter wants to shoot a whitetail deer that has a big rack and that can be bragged about, but Ohio whitetail deer doe hunting is just as important. Doe management is just as important as buck hunting. Many times, we hear the question asked, “When is the best time to harvest a doe?” There are a few common answers but this tends to be a pretty debatable topic for most hunters.

The early season seems to be the most successful time to take down a doe. Whitetail Doe hasn’t started feeling the pressure of the pending rut season and still on their summer schedules. They can easily be taken while feeding in clover plots and drying soybean fields while grazing. The late-season seems to be your second best opportunity. Since winter’s harshness has set in feeding areas are harder to come by. Hunting near a food source can promise deer will be traveling past or stopping and giving you a good shot at taking one down.

There are a few additional factors to consider before filling your doe tags for the season. While you’ve already purchased your tags, it is important to consider how many does need to be taken in the area. If you are looking to stabilize a heard, 20-30% is a safe range, but if you are looking to build the heard you should stick close to the 10% or less range. Keeping age into consideration when shooting a doe is also crucial. Older does are going to put more meat on your table, but are also better at raising fawns than a younger doe. Hunting early season can help you easier differentiate a younger versus older whitetail doe.

We know you want to take home a big buck to put up on your wall and brag about to all your hunting buddies, but don’t forget that hunting is important for wildlife management. Taking a doe is no easy feat and has a lot of science behind it. Besides, you still get to fell the rush of the kill and enjoy some venison. There’s no worry if you tag a few does of Ohio whitetail deer but miss your big buck because Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch always has a buck waiting just for you.