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Best Places To Put Your Tree Stand

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The goal of most deer hunters to shoot a deer, preferably one that’s big enough to brag about. That means careful placement of tree stands to get aim of the biggest deer in your neck of the woods in crucial. Travel patterns, especially during rut, stay relatively the same for whitetail deer so paying close attention to trails can be quite the benefit for the hunter, however there are many more things to consider when placing your stand. So what do you need to consider?

Food source is one of the top things to look for when putting up your tree stand or blind. Choosing a spot that is close to an easy, safe, and plentiful place of food can give you high traffic of the big deer you are looking for. Taking claim of hunting area that offers deer food while keeping them close to shelter is key. Places that are near a food plot, or farmland will bring big deer right to you. Remember to not put yourself in a place that you can be exposed while entering the woods or sitting.

If being deep in the woods is more your style, looking for a location that is easy to get into while keeping you close to easy traveling and bed areas can help increase your chances of bagging a monster. There’s no surprise that thickets are some of the places deer love to bed down, especially in the colder months. They however don’t like choosing an area that puts lots of obstacles in their way of getting to necessities. Finding a thicket that is close to a river, lake, or pond gives you the opportunity to catch your deer while they’re on the move between the two.

Regardless of where you pick, you do need to pay some amount of attention to any major environment changes. Deer spook somewhat easily and don’t forget about it. If you notice it seems like other humans, or some sort of vehicle has been through the area you might see a shift in deer activity. Things like down trees or even near by construction can cause a change in movement patterns meaning they’re pushed to use a different trail that might not run past your stand anymore.

Hidden Hollow strives to not only put you in the best places during your hunt with us but teach you how to find your own perfect spot to bag a huge deer on your own. Schedule your hunt to learn all that you can before your next hunting season.