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Benefits of Crossbows

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Archery has long been one of the world’s most widespread sports covering target shooting events, to hunting. Like anything there have been changes to archery equipment as technology has progressed. Archers have choices between various types of fletching and arrow heads, to what type of bow they choose to use. Compound bows held the most common used model for many years; however, crossbows have been taking the archery scene by storm in the last few years. Archers who have leaned towards compound bows commonly say tradition has to do with it, but let’s take a look at a few crossbow benefits.

Crossbows are proven to be the deadlier of the two options. With a near 50% higher energy rating, a crossbow will carry your arrow further. Don’t worry though, this distance won’t cost you accuracy. Having a high-quality scope on your crossbow versus a more traditional peg scope on a compound bow means you’ll have a tighter shot that you can count on hitting right where you want it to be. Crossbow optics on average add 20 yards of precision shooting range to your hunt, which is always a good thing. There is some trial and error getting your scope dialed in but once its there, all you have to do is point and shoot. Of course, there are still those variable conditions, such as wind, that can affect your aim.

Crossbows offer an advantage for archers who have less than great eyesight. Focusing perfectly on the small pins of a compound bow can be difficult, especially for the older users. With all these extra features they do tend to be a little harder to carrier around and have a little more weight to them but even then, are a common choice for children, female, older archers, or even ones who have face shoulder issues. Crossbows are more like shooting a riffle which makes for an easier shoot which also appeals to a lot of archers that fall into this category. Lock and load it, aim, and pull the trigger. This offers a lower shot set up time since your halfway ready for a target comes into range.

Many archers want to stick with a compound bow for sake of tradition. Trading off for a crossbow can offer a lot of benefits for your hunt though. The two are interchangeable, even if one becomes your go to hunting tool and one for hobby. Crossbows can open a world of opportunity, but compound bows can offer a more simplistic experience. At the end of the day, both weapons will get the job done and comes down to a personal preference. So, what do you shoot with?