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5 Hunting Kit Essentials

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Getting ready for your hunt and don’t know what to bring? Never fear, below is a list of the top 5 Hunting Kit Essentials that we think you will not only need but appreciate having when you are out in the woods.

Knife/Knife Sharpener

A dull knife is a useless knife. Knives can be invaluable on a hunt; from gutting to skinning and everything in between.

Basic Survival/First Aid Kit

  • bandages
  • antiseptic
  • matches/lighter
  • tweezers
  • alcohol
  • pain relief
  • gloves
  • batteries
  • blanket
  • CPR mouthpiece
  • Etc.


Essential for dragging your deer, securing your stand, hanging game for skinning, and much more.


Necessary for scouting out your hunting area and searching for game.


The right gear is important to the outcome of your hunt. You will need…

  • Boots
  • Rain gear
  • A pack
  • Quality clothing/camo/orange
  • Rifle/bow/etc.
  • Ammo/ammo case